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At Blevins Dentistry, we recommend seeing our Mullins, SC, dentist for a teeth cleaning every 6 months in order to get rid of left behind plaque and stubborn tartar otherwise missed by at home methods. Unfortunately, more than 1 in 5 adults report that they haven’t visited the dentist in the last few years.

Many people agree that brushing and flossing regularly is important, even if some struggle to form the habit. Actually going to receive teeth cleanings however, isn’t as common despite it being just as vital in protecting your oral health.

Let’s take a look at how regular teeth cleanings can go a long way in protecting your smile.

A Teeth Cleaning Allows For: 

1) The Removal of Plaque and Tartar

Why should you brush your teeth and floss in the first place? We recommend basic oral hygiene habits to our patients because these practices help remove dental plaque from their gums and teeth.

Plaque is a thin film that develops on your teeth naturally every day. If plaque is left alone, then bacteria will consume it and produce acids that damage your teeth and gums.

Brushing and flossing are the only ways to get rid of plaque. However, many people don’t brush correctly or for as long as they should. Many don’t floss at all. That means that even if you’re brushing your teeth every day, you may leave some plaque behind.

Plaque will eventually build up into a hard substance known as tartar. Tartar, unfortunately, cannot be removed with simple oral hygiene habits. Only a professional teeth cleaning can remove tartar completely from your gums and teeth.

If tartar isn’t removed, then it can cause cavities or gum disease. By getting your teeth cleaned regularly, our dental hygienists can remove tartar from your teeth and gums and prevent more serious oral health issues from developing.

2) A Thorough Dental Examination

Regular teeth cleanings provide a great opportunity for Dr. Blevins to conduct a dental examination during your visit. Dental exams help us keep an eye on your oral health, prevent certain problems from arising, and treat existing issues while they’re still minor.

You may be due for updated diagnostic X-rays so we can get a clear picture of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. We may also recommend an oral cancer screening depending on your age, risk factors, and last checkup.

Even if you don’t need X-rays or screenings, a dental examination allows us to visually examine your mouth and teeth for signs of trouble. Dr. Blevins will also evaluate any previous dental work you’ve had done to make sure everything is still functioning properly.

3) An Opportunity to Ask for Advice

Curious about teeth whitening? Wondering if your minor toothache will just go away on its own? If you have an oral health question on your mind, it’s nice to ask someone you can trust instead of relying on the conflicting advice you can find on the internet. 

By visiting Blevins Dentistry every 6 months for a teeth cleaning, you’ll have time built into your schedule to ask Dr. Blevins whatever dental questions you have. Dr. Blevins will be able to give you recommendations that are specific to your dental history and current situation, so you can feel confident in making decisions about your oral health.

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Our dentist in Mullins, SC, recommends teeth cleanings every 6 months to protect your smile and your oral health. To schedule your next appointment, call Blevins Dentistry today at (843) 561-4039, or contact us online.

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