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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is sometimes necessary in order to save a natural tooth.

Root canal therapy is also referred to as endodontic therapy. We use the best anesthetics to ensure the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.

But what exactly is root canal treatment? Why do patients need "a root canal?"

Facts about root canal treatment

Root canal therapy is the process of removing decayed or infected tooth matter (inside of the tooth), along with the tooth’s nerve.

There are three goals for root canal therapy:

  • to restore the natural tooth’s strength
  • to prevent future infections
  • to remove all decay and/or infection

Root canal therapy at Blevins Dentistry

If you experience tooth sensitivity, toothaches, or swelling, get evaluated by your dentist today. Prompt treatment in the form of root canal therapy can help save your natural tooth.

Without prompt treatment, the infection can spread, which can cause a painful abscess, bone loss, or other serious health/dental problems.

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