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Do you have discolored teeth from years of drinking soft drinks, coffee, wine, or tea? When you smile, do you feel that your teeth appear dull as opposed to the bright, white smile you would like to have? If so, our Mullins, SC, cosmetic dentist is here to change that with Biolase laser teeth whitening.

This advanced form of professional teeth whitening is far from the strips or toothpastes that you find at the store. Inside our office, we can help you achieve a beautiful, whiter smile that lasts in much less time. All you need to do is meet with Dr. Blevins so we can examine your smile and determine whether you’re a candidate for laser teeth whitening.

Like the idea of a more vibrant smile but prefer to achieve results on your own time? We also offer at-home whitening trays, made to fit your upper and lower teeth, that come equipped with specially formulated whitening gel.

Brighten Your Smile in ONE Session

If you’re not familiar with dental lasers, they’re often used to speed up processes and lend additional accuracy as well as precision to a procedure. The diode laser combined with the whitening gel that Dr. Blevins uses is so efficient that it has the potential to brighten your teeth by 6-12 shades in less than 20 minutes of gel-to-tooth contact time. Store-bought teeth whitening products can’t compete!

Other benefits of choosing laser teeth whitening include:

  • Results can last multiple years if proper oral care is practiced
  • A trained professional is performing and overseeing the entire process
  • Your dream smile is made possible in a day, not weeks

Whitening For Life Program

The team at Blevins Dentistry knows how important it is for you to have a healthy and bright smile. We believe that every patient should have a smile they can be proud of, which is why we offer the Whitening For Life program to all patients!

Interested in getting started? Give our office a call so we can schedule you for a New Patient Exam and X-rays appointment. If you are deemed a good candidate for whitening, we will then supply you with custom fitted trays and whitening gel for only $299. You’ll need to return every 6 months for a cleaning and exam in order to receive 2 FREE tubes of whitening gel.

That’s a $40 value for FREE EVERY 6 MONTHS FOR LIFE!

To learn more about enrolling in the Whitening for Life program, reach out to our office by phone or feel free to contact us online.

How Teeth Whitening Can Help You

Yellow teeth do not have to be forever. Dr. Blevins has years of experience enhancing patient smiles and boosting confidence levels as a result. Teeth bleaching in our Mullins, SC, dental office or with one of our at-home kits may be the solution you’ve been looking for if you are dissatisfied with the shade of your smile.

We can brighten teeth discolored by:

  • Smoking or other tobacco use
  • Natural aging
  • Oral trauma or injury
  • Certain medications
  • Excessive fluoride exposure (fluorosis)
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Dietary choices (staining beverages or foods)

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Our teeth whitening dentist in Mullins, SC, wants you to feel confident in your smile. If you live in or around the Mullins, Myrtle Beach, or Florence areas and are looking to brighten your smile, call Blevins Dentistry today at (843) 561-4039 to request an appointment.

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