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Are you missing teeth? Do you have stained teeth that are cracked, chipped, or broken? Do you have receding gums or suffer from headaches? If so, then you may be a candidate for a full-mouth rehabilitation, also commonly referred to as a full-mouth restoration or reconstruction.

In most cases, people who require a full-mouth reconstruction have either experienced some form of trauma or neglected their oral health for some time. But with a full-mouth rehabilitation from Dr. Blevins, you can improve your smile, oral health, and self-confidence.

What’s Involved in a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

The first step of the full-mouth reconstruction process is to evaluate your teeth and gums, which will determine the procedures needed to achieve desired results. Dental implants with crowns, bridges, or porcelain veneers are typically used as part of the reconstruction process.

In the event that Dr. Blevins finds evidence of periodontal disease (an advanced form of gum disease affecting roughly half of all adults in the U.S.), scaling or root planing may be required. In some cases, bone grafts or soft tissue grafting may be required to restore your dental health and strengthen your jaw to support a dental implant restoration.

Last but not least, your bite alignment will be checked to ensure that you aren’t suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly referred to as TMJ disorder or TMD).

To see this process in action, check out the before-and-after photos of some of our happy patients below.

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