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Oral Cancer Screenings Mullins Sc

The American Cancer Society estimates that over 53,000 Americans will get oral or throat cancer this year. The good news is that Dr. Blevins can catch oral cancer in its early stages (when it’s most treatable) by screening for the condition during your next appointment.

How We Check for Oral Cancer

We will complete a visual exam of your mouth (teeth, lips, and gums) and throat to look for abnormalities and signs of cancer.

If we see anything abnormal, we may collect cells from the area of concern by using a simple brush test. The sample will get sent to the laboratory for analysis, and we’ll discuss the results with you when finished.

Dr. Blevins routinely evaluates our patients for oral cancer signs and symptoms during routine visits. This is just one more reason why it’s so important to see our dentist in Mullins, SC, at least every 6 months for preventive care.

Common Signs of Oral Cancer

If you recognize the symptoms of oral cancer, schedule an appointment with our Mullins dentist as soon as possible.

Symptoms that may indicate oral cancer include:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Red and/or white patches/spots anywhere in the mouth
  • Mouth sores that bleed easily or do not heal
  • Tenderness, pain, or numbness anywhere on the lips or in the mouth
  • A lump or a thickening, rough spot
  • Pain while speaking, chewing, swallowing, and/or moving the jaw or tongue
  • Loose teeth
  • Changes in how your dentures fit
  • Changes in your bite
  • Persistent sore throat

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

We want you to have a healthy mouth for many years to come. That’s why we encourage you to speak with Dr. Blevins if you’re concerned about the possibility of oral cancer.

The following are risk factors for oral cancer:

  • Smoking cigars, pipes, cigarettes, or other tobacco products
  • Using smokeless tobacco
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Family history of cancer
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to the HPV-16 virus
  • Being a male over the age of 50

Even if you don’t identify with any of these risk factors, you can still get oral cancer. Just remember that early diagnosis and treatment is very important for cancer survival.

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