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One of the most important elements of successful oral surgery is proper healing. At Blevins Dentistry, we offer the latest all-natural, holistic healing procedure in dentistry known as L-PRF.

What Is L-PRF?

L-PRF stands for Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin. Leukocytes and platelets are both different kinds of blood cells that work within different systems in your body to promote healing.

L-PRF is a kind of bioactive bandage created from your own blood. Our dentist will place the L-PRF in your surgery sites to promote healing. This method releases your body’s own natural healing proteins, resulting in a more efficient healing process.

How It Works

First, we’ll take a sample of your blood, similar to how we might for a blood test. Then, Dr. Blevins will use something called an IntraSpin™ System to spin your blood in a centrifuge, separating and concentrating cells and active proteins important for healing. Once it has been prepared, we can place the L-PRF in your surgery sites.

Once L-PRF has been placed, it can get to work enhancing your body’s natural healing process. Since L-PRF is made of your own blood cells, reintroducing them into your own surgical site allows your body to create a sort of scaffolding for healing out of powerful proteins.

In some cases, we may need to supplement your L-PRF clot with additional materials. For example, if you’re dealing with significant bone loss, we may add bone growth material to promote your own bone regeneration during the healing process.

Benefits of L-PRF

L-PRF assists in your body’s natural healing process, avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

Some of the advantages of using L-PRF include that it is:

  • An FDA-cleared medical device.
  • Simple, natural, and 100% holistic
  • Free of any chemicals, foreign substances, or additives

Consider L-PRF for Faster Healing

Dr. Blevins is a Mullins, SC, oral surgery dentist who uses L-PRF to help patients heal faster in a natural, holistic way. Call Blevins Dentistry today at (843) 561-4039, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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