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Digital Radiography Mullins Sc

X-rays are a vital procedure when it comes to accurately detecting and diagnosing a variety of oral health issues. We recommend that all patients have routine x-rays as part of their regular dental examinations in order to identify any problems that may require treatment.

Why Choose Digital X-Rays?

Overexposure to radiation is a concern that many patients express in regards to x-rays. At Blevins Dentistry, we understand these concerns, which is why we offer digital radiography to all of our patients as an alternative to traditional x-rays.

Digital radiography is a type of x-ray that exposes you to significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. In fact, digital x-rays also expose you to less radiation than an average flight on a commercial airline! They don’t take as long to develop, so you can expect almost instant results. The process is quick, easy, and painless.

With digital x-rays, our dentist can clearly see potential oral health issues in a clear and detailed image. We can zoom in on any abnormal areas and show you any causes for concern, as well as brighten the image if needed to make it clearer. Traditional x-rays tend to be much less detailed and can be harder to read, allowing problems to slip through the cracks.

If you’ve avoided the dentist because of x-rays, our safe, effective digital x-ray technology should put your mind at ease. Our office is happy to answer any questions you might have about the technology we use in our office, so if you’re still unsure, give us a call.

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