What’s Involved in a Full Mouth Reconstruction After an Accident or Trauma?

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Whether you’ve been in a serious car wreck, had a trip and fall accident, or have suffered some type of sports-related injury, an accident is never something that you want to happen. Unfortunately, life happens and accidents are often a part of it.

After serious facial trauma occurs, people oftentimes need extensive dental repair work done. While it may not be the first thing on your mind following an accident, eventually you will probably want to see what can be done to restore (or even improve upon) your natural smile.

If you’ve suffered dental trauma due to an accident and are looking at extensive dental work (often referred to as full mouth rehab or a full mouth reconstruction), Dr. Blevins can help.

Whether you’ve had teeth knocked out or you’ve experienced damage to your jaw region, our goal is to use our skills and expertise to rebuild both the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth and jaws.

In this article, we’re specifically going to cover the variety of dental procedures that are often involved as part of the full mouth reconstruction process.

What types of dental trauma often require treatment?

While there are minor cases of dental trauma that may only require a small amount of dental bonding, more serious accidents that require full mouth reconstruction will likely exhibit some of the following problems:

  • Missing teeth
  • Injured and/or fractured/broken teeth
  • Severely worn-out or worn-down teeth
  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Severely eroded enamel
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Hard tissue (bones) damage
  • Skeletal injuries

You’ll notice that some of these issues may be a direct result of your accident (such as broken teeth, missing teeth, or skeletal injuries), while others may be underlying problems that are oftentimes discovered only after an accident (like decaying teeth or eroded enamel).

What are the most common cosmetic & restorative procedures used in full mouth reconstruction cases?

At Blevins Dentistry, we only want to perform the procedures on patients that get results. We will never try to sell you on more services than you need in order to accomplish your goals.

That being said, these are a few of the more popular cosmetic & restorative procedures that we often use as part of the full mouth reconstruction process:

Implants are titanium screws that integrate into your jawbone in order to anchor porcelain crowns, bridges, or even dentures. A dental implant acts as a natural tooth root for an artificial tooth.

The dental implant procedure is an invasive surgery and therefore many dentists do not perform this procedure. Dr. Blevins has placed implants for many, many patients, helping them achieve fantastic results.

Porcelain crowns and bridges:

Porcelain crowns and bridges are both cosmetic and restorative in nature. While the crown or bridge serves as the artificial teeth people will see, they also enable you to resume normal activities, such as chewing.


Veneers are about the thickness of a contact lens, covering the front of your teeth. It’s important to note that veneers are a non-reversible procedure, but if you’ve experienced severe breakage or chipping (especially with your front teeth), then veneers may be a perfect option for you.

Also, since Dr. Blevins stays at the forefront of dental technology and has invested heavily in CEREC technology, we can craft custom porcelain dental crowns and veneers in our office the same day of your appointment!

For more information on CEREC technology and how it is used to craft veneers and porcelain crowns, visit the links below:

CEREC porcelain crowns & bridges

Single-visit veneers with CEREC technology

There are a wide variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures that may be used as part of a full mouth reconstruction procedure. For more information on full mouth rehab, click the link below:

Full-Mouth Rehab

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