4 Reasons Why A Brighter Smile Should Be On Your Back-To-School List

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It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. Perhaps, you’re finishing your back-to-school list stocking up on pens, paper, folders, and other school essentials. But don’t forget to add teeth whitening, because everyone wants to look their best as school gets started, right? Find out the four reasons why a brighter smile should be on your back-to-school list.

1.) A First Impression Counts

Did you know it take 7 seconds for someone to form a first impression of you? A great first impression starts with a smile, which projects confidence, warmth, and even trust. It’s perfect when meeting new students and teachers.

2.) Confidence Is Key

A new schedule and new friends can create anxiety. Add on stained teeth and your high school or college student may not have much confidence starting off the new school year, but all that can change with a bright white smile. When you have a great smile, you feel great, and can handle daily pressures with confidence and ease.

3.) Reduces Stress

When you are confident about your smile, you smile more. Smiling releases endorphins, which decreases stress. Less stress equals a better school experience.

4.) Boosts The Immune System

Not only does a smile reduce stress, it boosts your immune system too. Your whole body relaxes when you smile, which increases your health. That means a perfect attendance for the school year is within reach!

Now that you understand that a smile matters on that first day of school, let Blevins Dentistry help.

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