It comes in a 2.4 petrol engine. It delivers 27mpg with 168bhp.

This campervan was made for Scotland’s stunning and challenging scenery.

Mitsubishi finally revealed a new generation D:5 Delica in late November this year and is now preparing to introduce a new concept based on the van-SUV mashup. Basé sur le Delica III, le L300 est doté d'un espace suffisant pour les passagers et le chargement. The Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan – the D:5 Terrain starts at £27,995.

Étonnamment, il n'y a eu qu'une seule génération de L300 depuis 1986. Отзыв владельца Mitsubishi Delica D:5 2007 года: Mitsubishi Delica D:5 – впечатлитель, 2.4 литра, полный привод, бензин, мощность двигателя 4B12 170 л.с., CVT, цвет кузова Белоснежная Красотка в серебристой мини-юбочке

デリカd:popの内装をズバリいえば、「4人で寝るにはせますぎるキャンピングカー」。 Imported from Japan as the smart, chunky Mitsubishi Delica, the sensational D:5 Terrain is like no other campervan.

デリカd:5専用回転シートとダイネットテーブルをつければ、車内でテーブルを囲みながらみんなで食事ができます。 総評:4人で寝るにはせますぎるキャンピングカー.

Fuel economy.

Reimagined by the CampervanCo for off-road adventures in wild, rugged places, you can camp on beaches, cook in a forest, sleep by a loch and rumble up the muddy tracks of spectacular glens.